Our company

Founded by two young girls, Surbhi and Mani in 2021. Hair you go aims to make a difference in woman’s life when it comes to looks, it makes them feel confident and beautiful . we aim to make human hair extensions affordable and to resolve hair thinning problems.

We believe that to truly love a piece of hair extension means to utilize every inch of it, to empower those who spend on it and to honor those who craft it.

Our team

It is always a daunting task to think of creating the perfect brand providing hair solutions. But we knew from the start that we wanted my brand to reflect our vision and mission. The brand is the result of the hardwork of multiple people, who don't always get a mention, but surely are an integral part of us. We wanted to create an ecosystem for people looking for hair needs, and we have created a place trusted by hundreds of people in India.

What makes us stand out ?
1. In-House Production: We have an in house production set up in Agra. So all the products you purchase are directly from the producer, ensuring optimal quality and a justified pricing.

2- Women empowerment – W have employed and trained women from in and around Agra. We aim on making them financially independent via skill development and continues and stable employment.

3- Attention to detail – we have strict quality check, before our product is dispatched. Each extension is made with 100% human hair, hand selected and stitched to perfection. We believe in practicing integrity, honesty and quality in all that we do, making sure that each process from sourcing to production is done in a clean, safe and ethical manner. Come be part of this journey with HAIR YOU GO