Reasons to Buy Long Hair Extensions

Reasons to Buy Long Hair Extensions

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When it comes to looking good, we say it's the hair that helps us the most. Growing big smooth long hair in less time is next to impossible. But there's a secret that is used even by the Bollywood stars to get long, luxurious locks that look and feel completely natural. There is nothing to worry about when there are so many things available for the hair to look good, like different types of scalp topper, extensions etc. but I would suggest Long hair extensions for easy and amazing hair.


To look good and confident in ourselves is all we crave, right? Therefore, clip-in     hair extensions are available just for you   with lots of benefits.  


They give your hair an instant length and volume. The first perfect reason to try long hair extensions is to make your hair look beautiful. Long hair extensions give instant volume to your hair without any damage to the natural hair.


  1. COLOR

Have you ever wanted to experiment with different colours in your hair, but you’re worried it may look bad? Or you’re afraid it will cause damage to your hair? These are all fair and reasonable thoughts. Hair extensions, however, make this process simple and easy for you - you can play around with different colours, finally try out the ombre trend, or add in those highlights/lowlights you’ve been itching towards.

  1. Style 

Hair extensions instantly make any hair style more beautiful and interesting. With the additional length, volume, and even pop of colour to your hair, you can easily make any simple braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and intricate. You don’t even need to use your entire set to achieve greater body in your hair; only using a few wefts may be enough to add that length and volume you’ve been dreaming about. The options are endless!

  1. No Damage

One of the best things about hair extensions is that it causes absolutely no damage to your hair unlike other hair extension alternatives like tape-ins and bonding which can prevent hair growth and cause damage to your hair.


  1. Ease of Use

For hassle-free thick and long hair in no time, choose clip-in hair extensions. It is the easiest yet most convenient extension you will find across. It has clips attached which just need you to put it in your hair inside and you are good to go.


How to care for Hair extensions;

Hair extensions need the same care as our natural hair needs.

  • Try conditioning it once or twice a week with water to keep them in good health. 
  • Keep the extension combed to keep them untangled for a longer period. 
  • Keep the hair extension at a safe place to avoid strangling. 
  • Make a rule to wash your clip-in hair extension every 12 to 15 uses.


Why chose hair you go India for hair extensions:

Our brand that specializes in long hair extensions made with 100% real human hair. Here we will explore you need to know about these extensions and why they're the perfect choice for achieving your hair goals.

We are commitment to quality and authenticity. There are synthetic extensions, which can look fake and feel uncomfortable; Hair You Go India's extensions are made with 100% human hair. This means that they blend seamlessly with your hair and give you a flawless, natural look.

One of the best things about our hair extensions is their quality and durability, because they are made with 100% human hair that can last for years with proper maintenance



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